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Road Permits

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Getting a Skip Permit

When you hire a skip and need to place it on the road (public highway), you may need a skip permit from your local council.

The easiest thing to do is call DG Skips on 02476-637918 and our skip hire experts will happily advise you on skip permits in your area (even if you don’t order a skip from us!)

Alternatively, if you are reading this out of hours, you will need to check your local councils’ skip hire permit guidelines. If you are unsure which council you need to contact, use the “Find your Local Authority” tool on Direct.gov.uk.

Sounds complicated? DG Skips can take care of it all for you – just give us a call on 02476-637918

If you wish to place a builder’s skip on any part of the highway a permit is required from this Authority. Otherwise, you may be liable to prosecution and a fine.

Following application to the Council and subject to safety considerations, skip permits are issued to skip owners (suppliers) for permission to place a skip on the highway.

Who is required to obtain a skip permit?

The skip owner (supplier) is responsible for obtaining the permit. It is not the householder’s or the builder’s (contractor) responsibility to obtain the highway permit. The skip owner (supplier) also has the responsibility to ensure that skips are positioned on the highway in such a way that they do not cause an obstruction to other road users. The supplier is responsible for ensuring that all appropriate regulations are adhered to.

How long does a permit last?

A licence can be valid for any period between 1 day and 14 days. For longer periods additional applications should be made. Only one skip will be allowed on site at any one time except in exceptional circumstances.

Where should skips be placed?

Whenever possible, skips should be placed on the carriageway. If permission is granted to place skips on a footway or grass verge, an agreed method of protecting the surface should be carried out by the skip owner or householder.



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